Nascar Cup Series

Nascar consists of several levels of competition within the organization, the Nascar Cup Series being the top tier among its professional race leagues. This major event features weekly races that begin every year in February. The Nascar Cup Series kicks off with the classic Daytona 500 race and ends after covering 23 tracks across the US. Talladega Superspeedway is a 2.66-mile tri-oval racetrack famous for having the fastest qualifier and has seen some of the freakiest crashes in the history of this sport.

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The Nascar Cup Series was originally called the Grand National Division, which would later change many times depending on its core sponsors, such as the Winston Cup Series in the 70s. It was last branded as Monster Energy Cup Series for three seasons, after which it was renamed the Nascar Cup Series. Nascar drivers like Dale Earnhardt Sr., and Richard Petty (“The King” who became the oldest driver to win the Series at 42 years old), to name a few, rose to prominence out of this league.


Championship season, which culminates the late-series playoffs, takes place in November. The highest accumulated points determine the overall champion driver from the beginning of the year’s series and the number of times the driver led in the laps. It carries over to the playoffs, where seeded competitors race against one another until the last ten races. The same applies to the championship for owners and manufacturers competing against each other.

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